High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Bristol County MA

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer in Bristol County MA

An extensive asset base is great, until you have to divorce. High net worth divorces are complicated because they involve sharing of accounts, business assets, investments and multiple properties. There Is almost always a pre-nup and in its absence there is sometimes a post-nup. Child support, spousal benefits are all some of the many reasons why your divorce may need to be handled by a high net worth divorce lawyer Bristol County MA such as the law offices of Rachel Matos.High net worth divorce lawtyer in Bristol County MA

Here are a few frequently asked questions on high net worth divorces.

  1. Does My Divorce Qualify as A High Net Worth?

If your cumulative assets amount to more than a million dollars, you may qualify for a high net worth divorce. If you are however in doubt as to how much your total net worth is, you can always have our lawyers do an assessment of your wealth and assets.

  1. My Partner and I Have Multiple Jointly Owned Businesses How Will These Be Divided?

The first and most important step is to take an inventory of all your assets. Individual and jointly owned. Our lawyers will then carefully guide you on what is divisible and what is not.

  1. I Was a Stay-at-Home Parent. Will I Gain Anything from The Divorce?

Revisions to modern divorces have allowed stay at home parents to get fair representation in divorces. The decision on how much you will be able to get is dependent on a number of factors among them, your quantifiable input to the marriage, the existence of a pre-nup as well as how much your spouse is willing to offer.

Our high net worth divorce lawyers in Bristol MA will walk you through your options and help you get a verdict that will work for you.

  1. I would not like the knowledge of my divorce made public, what to do?

Here is where our privacy policy comes in. Our team at the law offices of Rachel Matos are sworn to secrecy on all clients’ information. We will not at any point share the details of your divorce to anyone but you and the specific lawyers in charge of your case.

We would love to guide you through this difficult time. If you need to speak with a high net worth divorce lawyer in Bristol County MA, Please give us a call on  (508) 386-9094.