High Asset Divorce Lawyer Middlesex County MA

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer for MA

High net worth divorces are becoming increasingly common in present times. This can be attributed to two factors. One is perhaps the fact that research shows more than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Or perhaps the fact that most of the citizens are fast rising from the middle class into a wealthier group. Regardless of the circumstances around it, the law offices of Rachel Matos, a high net worth divorce lawyer serving in Middlesex County Massachusetts, can help you navigate this difficult time.High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer in Boston MA

Filing for a High Asset Divorce

Divorce is a difficult phase in the life of anyone who has to go through it. The legal aspects of it make the process even harder. High asset division, disclosure of businesses and investments, child support and spousal benefits are among a few of the things that our law offices can handle so you don’t have to.
A major bone of contention when it comes to high net worth divorces is the lack of disclosure from one party or the other. When this happens during mediation, there is an unequal distribution of assets which often and almost always leads to court time.

Experienced High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Our law offices are designed for these, and other contentious scenarios associated with high net worth divorces. We believe that our extensive knowledge and practice of family law puts as at such advantage over the other party. We believe in amicable mediations but are not blind to the fact that mediations may not always be successful. When this happens, we are just as well equipped at courtroom mediation as we are on the table.

It is important to note that with inflation and a rise in the cost of living, divorces of assets that total to a million or less are no longer considered high net worth. Instead, the cadre has been set at over a million. If you are not sure of the cumulative total of your assets, do no hesitate to reach out to us at the law office of Rachel M. Matos in Middlesex County MA.

These are just but some of the many parts of high net worth divorces that we handle. Call us today on (508) 386-9094.