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While probating an estate usually occurs with few to no problems, in some cases an heir, beneficiary, creditor, or other unhappy party may file a lawsuit to claim some or all of the estate. Estate litigation can happen for many reasons, from a disgruntled heir believing they are entitled to a greater share to a caregiver that has attempted to use undue influence to alter the contents of a will.

Estate Litigation Lawyer in Taunton MA

Other common causes for disputes include the following:

  • Executor unable or unwilling to administer the estate
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty
  • Will contests
  • Defending against creditor claims
  • Addressing property issues in other states

Regardless of the reason, our office is prepared to zealously advocate for our clients in estate litigation cases to ensure that they receive or protect what is theirs during the probate process.

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