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Ending a marriage is oftentimes a painful and trying process. And while no one is every truly ready for the emotion and financial impact it can have on their family, if you delay meeting with and securing the proper legal counsel, it will only get worse. That’s why Westwood divorce lawyer Rachel Matos works tirelessly to make sure that her clients and their families get the guidance and advice they need for their individual situation. You can contact her at 508-386-9094 to learn more.divorce lawyer in Westwood MA

Divorce Laws in Westwood MA

Divorce and family law cases from Westwood are handled at the Norfolk Probate and Family Court. To find out more about hours of operation, as well as location and driving directions, simply visit them online.

The details of your own, individual case play a huge role in determining the results. This includes everything from spousal support to custody issues to assets and property, as well as several other things. Since Massachusetts does not have legal separation, separate support is the most common alternative.

To qualify, there must be one of four factors at work; one spouse failing to support the other, one spouse deserting the other, living apart under justifiable cause, as well as having justifiable cause to live apart but still residing together. An experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Westwood will help to clear up any questions concerning these definitions.

There is also the matter of child and spousal financial support. While these matters can be resolved by the parties themselves if they can reach and abide by an agreement, in many cases the court will be responsible for deciding it. It is important to note that the state’s goal is to establish a “fair” distribution of support (as well as assets). However, this does not mean an equal distribution. Factors such as income, marital conduct, and prenuptial agreements are all considered during this process.

Experienced Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

Going through something as difficult as divorce requires the help and support of family and friends. It also requires the services of a skilled legal representative such as Westwood, MA divorce lawyer Rachel Matos. To make sure that you and your children get the support and structure that you need, give her offices a call by dialing 508-386-9094 today.

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