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Quincy Divorce Lawyer

Attorney Rachel M. Matos is a dedicated divorce attorney in Quincy Massachusetts. Attorney Matos handles all types of divorce cases in Quincy including high net worth divorces, child custody, visitation as well child support and alimony.divorce lawyer in Quincy MA

Best divorce lawyer in Quincy MADivorce is a stressful affair for both parties. Regardless of whether or not the decision was mutually decided upon, divorce is hard to go through. Top of the concerns when discussing divorce are the uncertainties that come with it. How will the wealth be distributed? We didn’t have a prenup signed, what next? Who gets custody?

All these concerns are valid and rightly so. A lot goes on in the process from divorce request to its finalization and we fully understand that.

We are committed to making the divorce process seamless for you. Years of experience in litigation, mediation and divorce contests has prepared us to best handle your divorce.

Why Choose Us as Your Divorce Lawyer in Quincy, MA

  • Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Over the years, we have worked on numerous contested and uncontested divorces. We have seen the good, the bad, the ugly. We have mediated difficult proceedings and have negotiated amicable separations as well. If there is a home involved, we can assist in the division of assets of the estate.

Our experience allows us the benefit of being able to foresee all challenges that you may encounter. We have the knowledge needed to maneuver the process as seamlessly and painlessly for you. We cater to all kinds of divorces, same sex, heterosexual and high asset divorces. You name it, we got you!

  • Communication Is an Integral Part of Our Service Delivery

We believe the client is the priority. Our initial consultations are focused on hearing you out, listening to your needs and what you aim to get. This allows us to fully comprehend and create a plan that will be best suited for you. Our service provision is custom made for every client, because every divorce is unique.

Our communication channels are always open. We believe in transparency through the process. Be sure to receive step-by step updates on the status of your divorce all through to the end.

  • We Pride Ourselves in Our Privacy Policy

Divorce matters are hard without the added pain of having all the knowledge out to the public. We are keen on ensuring that all our clients’ data and files are kept private and confidential.

Serving all of Quincy, MA, we know and have worked with most of the judges in the county. We would be more than happy to expedite your proceedings if you so wish.

Call us today to speak with a divorce lawyer in Quincy MA and to hear more options available to you! Contact Us Today! 508-386-9094.