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So many people today either have or are currently going through the process of divorce. While it is always unfortunate when a marriage ends, it is even worse when one party gets taken advantage of in court simply because they didn’t realize how important it was to have the proper legal representation. Newton, MA divorce lawyer Rachel Matos is someone that people in this area know and trust. Call her today at 508-386-9094 to find out why.

Divorce Lawyer in Newton MA

Divorce in Massachusetts

Just as it is in every other state, Massachusetts has a number of unique laws regarding divorce and family cases. These proceedings are handled at the Middlesex Probate and Family Court South. For more information regarding hours and directions, simply visit their website.

Depending on how amicable or how contentious your individual situation is, there may be a lot of issues or very few in which the courts are responsible for determining. However, if it’s necessary that most or all aspects of your divorce are decided by the courts, understanding the factors that influence those decisions is crucial.

In matters of financial support for spouses, a few examples of mitigating circumstances include both their income and yours, whether or not any prenuptial agreements may be relevant, and even the conduct during the marriage itself. These also play a role in the separation and distribution of property and assets as well. It is important to note that a 50/50 split is not the goal of the courts, but rather a fair and equitable resolution.

Something else that your divorce lawyer in Newton will need to go over with you is how custody is determined. In Massachusetts there is “physical” custody and “legal” custody. Legal custody speaks to the decision making authority of the parent. Physical custody speaks to the daily care of the children. Although these things may seem complicated, having a skilled representative will make it much simpler.

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Don’t leave you and your children’s future in doubt by failing to hire an experienced Newton divorce lawyer. Rachel Matos is a skilled attorney who knows how to make sure that her clients receive a fair and reasonable divorce settlement. You can contact her offices anytime by dialing 508-386-9094.