Child Support

How Is Child Support Calculated In Massachusetts?

The child support guidelines can be harder to understand, calculate and implement — particularly if there are issues determining a parent’s income. As a child support lawyer for Massachusetts attorney Rachel Matos offers comprehensive, diligent and attentive legal representation to individuals or families confronting child support issues. We work for equitable settlements and with the courts to ensure the best possible outcomes for the clients we represent.Child support lawyer in Taunton MA

Child support is determined by a formula taking into account many different factors, including the incomes available to each party and the time each parent spends caring for the child.Support may be ordered for a child’s support, maintenance and education even though they are considered an adult.  If a child has reached the age of 18, but has not turned 21, when the child is domiciled in the home of a parent and is a dependent of the parent, the court will ensure child support is paid until that child reaches the age of 21.  The court may also order child support while the child is obtaining an undergraduate education up to age 23.Child support will usually be collected by wage garnishment, or a wage withholding order.  These orders are served on the support obligor’s employer and the employer takes child support from the employee’s pay check every time the employee is paid.

How To File For Child Support?

If you are in need of child support you have a right under state law to obtain an order of child support from the other parent, as long as you have “custody” of the child.  If your child actually lives primarily with the other parent and the other parent doesn’t earn significantly more money than you, it can be difficult to obtain an order for child support. In order to obtain an order of child support, you can either file a case, such as divorce, paternity, custody or separate support, and then file a motion for child support within that case.  Or open a case with the Department of Revenue and ask them to pursue child support.

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