Child Custody

How Are Child Custody Rights Determined In Massachusetts?

There are two types of child “custody” when ordering for the care of a child – these include “legal” custody which includes the decision making capabilities of a caretaker, and “physical” custody which deals with the day to day care of a child.  Visitation refers to the time a parent who is not the “primary” caretaker spends with a child.  When accommodation cannot be reached a child custody lawyer may be required to assist. Attorney Rachel Matos is a child custody lawyer serving in Norfolk and Middlesex County. Attorney Matos has the courtroom confidence and knowledge to take your case before a judge in order to secure an equitable arrangement for you and your children.Child Custody Lawyer in Norfolk MA

What To Do When Parents Disagree About Custody Or An Appropriate Parenting Plan?

While it is easier if parents to reach an agreement regarding custody or an appropriate parenting plan, at times it is necessary for a court to decide the matters. Courts sometimes rely upon a guardian  to gather information and to make recommendations as to what is in the best interests of the children. Though the report and recommendations of a guardian are not binding upon the court, they are highly persuasive and have a definitive impact upon a case’s outcome.

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