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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Randolph, MA


For many people not only in Massachusetts, but also around the rest of the country as well, their financial outlook is growing more and more dim each day. While this situation is never ideal, it becomes even more stressful in times of economic downturn. However, it is important to remember that there are laws set up which are designed to help ease the strain on those who are overburdened with debt. Randolph bankruptcy lawyer Rachel Matos knows exactly what needs to be done to help with your case. Simply dial 508-386-9094 for more information.

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Randolph MA

Bankruptcy Laws in Massachusetts

For residents of Massachusetts, there are three courthouse locations which are dedicated to bankruptcy issues; Springfield, Worcester and Boston. You can find specific directions to each one by visiting them online. They open at 8:30am, close at 5pm, and accept filings up to 4:30pm.

For Massachusetts bankruptcy cases, you have two main options from which to choose; Chapters 7 and 13. Chapter 7 law is also referred to as liquidation bankruptcy. In these types of cases, the court will include the maximum amount of debt into the process that the law allows. This is after existing assets are used to pay off whatever debt possible. It also does not include such obligations as financial support of spouses or children, nor does it cover debts incurred from illegal activity.

In Chapter 13 cases, the courts will set up a structured payment plan for the debtor to pay off those debts over time. This is somewhere between 3 to 5 years and has certain restrictions and obligations attached to it. For example, only $394,725 in secured debt, as well as $1,184,200 in unsecured debt is allowed. Additionally, 6 months of credit counseling must also be completed prior to filing. Deciding which option is the best one for you is reason enough to hire am experienced Randolph, MA bankruptcy lawyer.

Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

As these uncertain economic times continue to cause financial problems for a number of individuals and families, just know that help is available. Rachel Matos is a bankruptcy lawyer in Randolph, who knows how to use the various legal options available to ease the strain. You can get in touch with her offices by calling 508-386-9094.


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