Prenuptial Agreements


At the Law Office of Rachel M. Matos, our team of experts in Massachusetts family law can provide you with top-tier legal representation in the drafting, review, and signing of a prenuptial agreement between you and your loved one.

What Can a Prenuptial Agreement Include?

A prenuptial agreement can outline many issues of property rights, financial support, and inheritance if the couple ultimately divorces or one spouse passes away. This type of agreement can be beneficial for spouses getting married for the first time as well as for blended families. Issues that a prenuptial agreement can cover include:

  1. The distribution of separate and marital property
  2. Spousal support (also known as alimony) during and after divorce
  3. How the children of prior relationships will be provided for
  4. How debts will be distributed
  5. Whether either spouse will continue to provide health or life insurance upon divorce

How To Create A Valid Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is enforceable only if certain requirements are met.

  1. The prenuptial agreement must be fair and reasonable for both parties at the time of execution and conscionable at the time of enforcement.
  2. All assets must be disclosed at the time that the prenuptial agreement is created.
  3. Each person must have independent legal representation during the negotiation, review, and signing of the document.
  4. The agreement must specifically waiver certain marital rights with clear language.
  5. There must be adequate time for each person to consider the terms of the agreement.

To learn more, call or contact our family law firm today to schedule a consultation.A prenuptial agreement can benefit both spouses prior to the wedding by creating an understanding and security in certain property rights before the couple ever walks down the aisle. At the Law Office of Rachel M. Matos, our team of dedicated legal professionals will represent your interests in the creation of a prenuptial agreement and ensure that your rights are protected before your marriage.