Petition to Seal your Record

 At The Law Office of Rachel Matos we have an extensive criminal record sealing practice. The practical effects of sealing different record types, and the ins and outs of representing clients through this unique different area of the law. If you have ever been arrested or arraigned on a criminal charge, even if the charge was dismissed or ended with a “Not Guilty” verdict, you currently have a CORI (criminal offender record information) report. That means that it could show up on any routine background check. It may be possible to seal this record- even if you were convicted of a misdemeanor charge.

 If your last misdemeanor conviction is over five years old, and your last felony conviction is at least 10 years old , we can help you through the process of sealing your criminal record without the need to ever appear in court. There are some exceptions to this section of the record sealing laws, so we will need to review your full CORI report before petitioning the Commissioner of Probation to seal your record.

If you have a misdemeanor or felony charge but were not convicted, and your case resulted in a “Not Guilty”, straight dismissal or a dismissal after completing the terms of your we can petition the Court to seal your record, even if less than five years has passed since the disposition.This usually requires at least two court appearances by your attorney, and your presence will usually be required at the final hearing. The judge must find that “substantial justice would be best be served” by sealing your record in order for the petition to be allowed. We have been highly successful with petitions to seal criminal records, and are recognized as zealous advocates in this area of the law. Once your Massachusetts record has been sealed, it will show “no record.” It is as if the charge never happened.

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