High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Norfolk MA

High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Norfolk MA

A large estate is good in many ways. It is however a problem in matters divorce because it makes the process much more complicated. High net worth divorces in Norfolk, MA are complex because they involve decisions on spousal support, on asset division and even on custody agreements all of which are areas of maximum conflict.High net worth divorce lawyer in Norfolk MA

We at the Law office of Rachel Matos believe we are the best high net worth divorce lawyer in Norfolk MA, because of our experience in family law. We are empathetic, well credentialed and have an unrivaled ability to get our clients best interests amicably.

What Is A High Net Worth Divorce?

In traditional times, a high net worth divorce was any divorce that included individual or joint assets of one million dollars. With inflation however, for an estate to qualify as a high net worth, it has to involve many million dollars.

Why the Law Office of Rachel Matos is invaluable

A common problem in most high net worth divorces is the intentional hiding of assets by one party or the other. Here is where our law offices come in. our team has extensive knowledge in research and negotiation, an invaluable tool in such matters. We believe that any matter that can be solved amicably ideally should. If we have to go to trial however, you can trust that our litigation skills will definitely save the day.

Important Matters That Have to Be Settled in A High Net Worth Divorce

  1. Asset distribution

This is by far one of the largest bones of contention. A court, through a rigorous process may decide on 50/50 distribution or none at all depending on the terms of the divorce.

  1. Spousal maintenance

Alimony is not quite common anymore but spousal benefits are still part of the divorce process. The court may award rehabilitative, temporary or even permanent benefits to one party after the divorce.

  1. Pre-nups and post-nups

Pre-nups are increasingly common today. With more than half of marriages ending in divorce, a pre-nup is now viewed as a necessity and less of an afterthought. Pre-nups come in handy when a sizeable chunk of the aggregated wealth came from one party. Post-nups on the other hand are useful when one parties addition to the marital wealth is under dispute. To speak with a high net worth divorce lawyer in Norfolk MA, Call (508) 386-9094.