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Only people who have been through a divorce can truly understand the difficult emotions and decisions that are involved. For those who are going through this trying time, making sure that you partner with an attorney who knows the legal landscape in Massachusetts is critical to making sure that your best interests are served. For a divorce lawyer in Wellesley, Rachel Matos fits that description perfectly. Give her a call at 508-386-9094.

divorce lawyer in Wellesley MA

Divorce Laws in Wellesley Massachusetts


Family law can at times be one of the most complex and involved in the entire field. There are numerous stipulations and requirements that go into determining the details of the case. A good example would be the fact that Massachusetts of one of ten states which doesn’t recognize legal separation. Instead, separate support is set up in its place.


For separate support to be recognized, certain criteria must be met. Any one of the following will qualify; a failure in spousal support, spousal desertion, justifiable cause to live apart, and living together even though there is justifiable cause to live apart. While this may seem difficult to understand at first, your Wellesley divorce lawyer can help clear it up and answer any questions.


The Norfolk Probate and Family Court is where the proceeding will take place. To find out more information about the location and operating hours, simply visit their website. The court will also be tasked with determining things like financial support for the ex-spouse, as well as any children that are involved.


Additionally, custody will be decided here as well, unless an agreement can be made and followed by both parties. Factors which go into such things as property and asset distribution include the amount of money earned by each individual and any documented agreements made before the marriage.

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If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having to end your marriage, don’t compound the problem by failing to retain an experienced and knowledgeable Wellesley, MA divorce lawyer. Rachel Matos has helped numerous clients just like you make sure that they and their children’s future is secured. Get in touch with her offices today at 508-386-9094.

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