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Divorce can have a tremendous impact on a family, not only in regards to their current emotional and financial wellbeing but even years later. Depending on how contentious or even toxic it becomes, the scars can last for a long time. The best way to avoid this kind of situation is to make sure that your settlement is a fair one. Sharon, MA divorce lawyer Rachel Matos makes sure that her clients get what they deserve. She can be reached by dialing 508-386-9094.

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Divorce Laws in Sharon Massachusetts


For those who are going through the process of divorce, the Norfolk Probate and Family Law Court is where their case will proceed. Their location, hours of operation and directions can be found online.


There are many things which play a role in determining the specific details of your divorce settlement. There are also many aspects of the divorce itself. It is much more than the simple dissolving of a marriage between two people. Everything from assets and property to spousal and child support and custody must all be determined. While in a perfect world every couple would be able to find a way to mutually part ways under amicable circumstances, this is simply not the case. That is why having a good divorce lawyer in Sharon is critical to a successful case.


As far as the distribution of assets and property, Massachusetts law is concerned with deciding a “fair” settlement over an equal one. What this means is, based on various factors such as income levels, prenuptial agreements, as well as the behavior during the marriage, one partner may end up with more than the other. Legal and physical custody will also be determined by the court if the parents are unable to reach an agreement.


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Even though it may seem like nothing could be more difficult than going through a divorce, the truth is that without a good attorney fighting for you and your children’s best interest, things could end up much worse. Don’t let your spouse take advantage of you simply because their legal representative worked harder for them. Call Sharon divorce lawyer Rachel Matos at 508-386-9094 today.

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“After being served divorce papers, I was lost and didnt know where to turn or what to expect. Matos law office was the right choice. They were fantastic through the whole process.”