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For many years, divorce was considered a stigma in society. For this reason, many people simply stayed in unhappy marriages, much to the detriment of not only themselves but to their children as well. Although those days are long gone, a lot of people still don’t quite know how to proceed with the process, even when they decide it is the right course of action. However, a local Needham divorce lawyer such as Rachel Matos can help. She can be reached by dialing 508-386-9094.divorce lawyer in Needham MA

Divorce in Massachusetts

The Norfolk Probate and Family Court is responsible for overseeing divorce proceedings in and around Milton. More information regarding hours of operation and location can be found online.

As far as the details and statutes concerning the divorce case itself, there are a number of factors involved. Separate support is a Massachusetts’ version of legal separation. To be a valid solution, one or more of four criteria must be in place. These include any of the following; failure of spouse to support the other, deserting a spouse, justifiable cause to live apart, or living together with a justifiable cause to live apart. Your divorce lawyer in Needham can explain the details of these circumstances.

The spousal support, as well as custody of children will be also be determined by certain factors as well. Common examples include any financial or asset stipulations in prenuptial agreements, the individual income level of each spouse, and the conduct of each partner during the marriage (although the latter is more concerned specifically with spousal support). Custody of children is distinguished as “legal” and “physical” and will be determined in court if the parents cannot agree on a resolution.

Experienced Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

It is important to remember that no matter how cordial and amicable your spouse swears that they want your divorce to be, you still need to secure legal representation as soon as possible. The partner who is better prepared is usually the one that receives the more favorable result. Rachel Matos is an experienced divorce lawyer in Needham, MA and she knows how to make sure that here clients are properly taken care of. Get in touch with her offices at 508-386-9094.