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Hingham MA Divorce Lawyer

No matter what your circumstances, divorce can be rife with challenges. When going through a divorce and domestic issues, the last thing you need to deal with is stressful complications. The best strategy for easing tension for all parties involved is to seek a professional, experienced divorce attorney. The Law Office of Rachel M. Matos is committed to making your negotiations and legal proceedings as effortless as possible.

Dealing With DivorceDivorce lawyer in Hingham MA

The choice to separate from a partner can be painful but deciding to go through with a divorce is becoming more common in America. According to the United States Census Bureau, there were over 500,000 divorces in 2019 in the state of Massachusetts.  Going through a divorce is sometimes the best option to resolve irreconcilable differences between couples in a relationship. Dissolving a relationship should ideally be approached with empathy and maturity. However, there are times when emotions run high and that is when a skilled divorce lawyer in Hingham MA can inject tact and understanding in potentially heated negotiations.

Covering the Basics From a Divorce Attorney in Hingham MA

Disagreements in divorce can happen. That is why you need professional representation to ensure your divorce proceedings go forward as smoothly as possible.  Here are a few things to know about getting a divorce in Massachusetts.

Length of Time for Divorce: Every divorce is different, but if you and your spouse agree upon terms such as division of property and child custody, your divorce can be settled relatively quickly.  The least amount of time to finalize a divorce in Massachusetts is 90-120 days (given both parties agree to terms).

Grounds for Divorce in Massachusetts: Legal grounds for divorce in Massachusetts vary according to whether the terms of the divorce is no-fault, or fault. In a fault divorce scenario, there must be litigation to prove the failure of the opposing spouse to live up to the terms of the marital contract. For example, a divorce attorney in Hingham MA might be able to prove fault in divorce proceedings by identifying excessive drug or alcohol use, adultery, or physical abuse. A no-fault divorce does not require either party to provide proof of blame for the deterioration of the relationship.  The grounds in this instance are considered “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage” and either partner in the marriage may move forward with divorce proceedings.

When to Consult a Divorce Lawyer in Hingham MA

Every divorce is as unique as the individuals involved in the partnership.  If you have questions or concerns about moving forward into divorce procedures, then it’s time to consult with a highly experienced professional.  Contact our legal offices today for a consultation so we can set your mind at ease and answer your questions.  We will give you the clarity and direction you deserve so you can resolve your divorce with the least amount of conflict possible.