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Divorce Lawyer for Massachusetts

Attorney Rachel M. Matos is a dedicated divorce lawyer in Boston Massachusetts. Attorney Matos handles all types of divorce, such as high net worth , child custody as well alimony and child support.divorce lawyer in Boston MA

No one gets married hoping for a divorce. Yet, divorces happen far more often than not and are particularly on the rise in present times. A divorce lawyer comes in handy in the process of prenuptial agreements and property divisions.

Here are 5 things to know if you are seeking or considering a divorce in Boston, MA

  1. Residency Is A Prerequisite

Different states have different rules on what divorces can proceed within their jurisdictions. In Boston, for example, one of the parties must have stayed in Boston for at least a year preceding the divorce request.

  1. There are Different Types of Divorces

There are different types of divorces to file for. Some of the most common are; fault and no-fault divorces. Additionally, there are also contested and non-contested divorces.

  1. Fault vs no-fault

A fault divorce is one where one or both parties have reasons for the divorce. The law provides for reasons such as adultery, violence and even dissertation. No-fault, which is by far the most common, is divorce due to irretrievable causes. Simply put, there is no love nor desire on both parties’ end to continue with the marriage.

  1. Grounds are needed

Divorces in Boston have to have grounds. This is however not overly complicated. If you choose to file for a fault divorce, the court will be tasked with proving that the fault is justified. This takes time. Most people, however, choose to file for no-fault divorce sighting irretrievable breakdown of marriage. The process for a no-fault marriage is considerably shorter.

  1. You need a lawyer

Divorces are some of the things that you simply cannot DIY. A lot goes in the requesting, the filing, the mediation, the court appearances to simply google your way through it. A divorce lawyer in Boston, MA with the knowledge of the state laws and experience will be best suited to guide you through.

Additionally, lawyers take over the legal stress so you can focus on the bigger picture. We would love to talk you through your options. Contact Us Today!