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The COVID-19 Toll: For Whom the Statute Tolls in MA

October 6, 2020

For Whom the Statute Tolls (And What Does That Mean During a Pandemic?) While the word “toll” seems to equate itself with payment on a highway or with Edgar Allan Poe’s infamous poem, in the legal community, tolling a deadline isn’t as ominous as it sounds. This is a legal doctrine that simply means to […]

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Employee Rights During a Global Pandemic in Massachusetts

September 2, 2020

As offices in Massachusetts begin to open in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an uncertain feeling that many employers and employees are starting to experience: what is going to be the “new normal”? While all employers should follow the CDC, federal, and state/local Covid-19 guidelines, it is important to know what rights […]

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Co-Habitating During Coronavirus Lockdown: How an Attorney Can Help

May 12, 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus has taken over the world and stolen all sense of normalcy. Not only does our daily life look completely different from what it once did, but individual family concepts that most would not even think twice about are now front and center because of the chaos that COVID-19 has interjected into our […]

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COVID-19 Standing Orders

April 8, 2020

Due to the ongoing public health concerns created by the Coronavirus pandemic, and under the Supreme Judicial Court’s order dated April 27, 2020, effective on  April 27, 2020, the SJC issued this standing order to maintain court operations while continuing to reduce the number of people coming to Superior Court courthouses. This standing order is […]

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