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Bankruptcy Laws Avon, Massachusetts

Countless people all across the nation are facing economic struggles like they have never experienced before. This has led to a massive amount of debt while at the same time increasing difficulty in meeting the payment obligations attached to it. For people who have exhausted other options, an Avon bankruptcy lawyer may just be able to offer a few more. Rachel Matos is one such experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Avon MA. Call 508-386-9094 if you would like to know more.Bankruptcy lawyer in Avon MA

Bankruptcy in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, just as in most other states, residents can choose between two different types of bankruptcy relief, depending on the specifics of their personal case. Their assets and property, as well as their debt and ability to pay them back dictate which option is best suited for their needs. Having a bankruptcy lawyer in Avon who understands your individual situation is crucial to getting the proper solution to your problem.

Whichever option you end up choosing, there are three courthouse locations in the state in which your case can be resolved. These are Worchester, Springfield and Boston. Their hours are all from 8:30am to 5pm. 4:30pm is the cutoff for filings at each of them. For detailed directions to each address, simply visit them online.

As far as the two avenues of bankruptcy themselves go, you have Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 is commonly known as liquidation bankruptcy and acts as a solution to eliminating as much debt as possible. There are restrictions to this, however. Marital and child support obligations, as well as debt from illegal activity cannot be included. Chapter 13 is commonly known as the wage earner’s plan and requires the debtor to pay back as much as possible by selling certain assets and then completing a payment plan over the course of 3 to 5 years. A 6-month credit counseling course must also be completed.

Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Avon MA

Finding relief when you are struggling with a growing financial burden can seem impossible at times. However, there is no reason to feel hopeless. Experienced Avon, MA bankruptcy lawyers such as Rachel Matos know exactly what can be done to help with your individual situation. Don’t put off reclaiming your life one second longer. You can reach out to her offices by calling 508-386-9094 today.

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“I was in a bind with overwhelming cc debt after losing my job and was about to lose my car from repossession. After speaking with attorney Matos, she reviewed my situation completely and was able to save my car and also relieve a lot of cc debt. I highly recommend”